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Poland's Mufti Tomasz Mikiewicz attends Islamic conference, welcomed by Saudi ambassador

Warsaw, September 01, 2023, After taking part in the international Islamic conference on "Communication with the Departments of Religious Affairs, Ifta, and Sheikhdoms in the World," held in Makkah under the theme of "Communication and Integration," Tomasz Mikiewicz, the Mufti of Poland and the head of the Muslim Religious Union (MRU), received a warm welcome from the Saudi ambassador to Poland, Saad bin Saleh Al-Saleh. The conference's holding, which confirms the Kingdom's desire to serve Islam and Muslims and advance the ideas of moderation, was acknowledged by the Polish Mufti during the meeting. He also expressed his gratitude to the Kingdom and the Saudi leadership. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance for planning this global gathering.

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