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Porsche expands open source program with tactical manual for software

Porsche has released a tactical manual for utilizing free and open source software and is extending its open source program.

Porsche's software strategy is increasingly reliant on free and open-source software (FOSS). Porsche is able to increase software quality, shorten development cycles, lower costs, foster innovation and talent, and promote open source software.

The next phase of Porsche's open-source development

The company is taking the next strategic step and publishing the FOSS Movement over two years after the launch. Porsche outlines the core ideals and tenets of free and open source software in this document, as well as the role that employees play in using it. Employees from the corporate IT, legal, and vehicle development departments, as well as Porsche Digital, contributed to the growth of the FOSS movement alongside those from the Open Source Office.

Consistent use of FOSS and collaboration with communities

Lutz Meschke, Porsche AG's Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Board Member for Finance and IT, says the company has made "remarkable progress" and "firmly anchored" the usage of open source across the organization over the previous two years. "I think open source will help us continue to drive Porsche's digital transformation. Every talented professional in the industry who wants to join us in that is welcomed with open arms by us. Our teams collaborate closely with an international group of tech industry pioneers. And with the Porsche FOSS Movement, they have now created a foundation of shared values, guiding principles, and objectives that cut across all subsidiaries and geographical boundaries.

Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT

Consistent use of FOSS and collaboration with communities

The constant use of open source throughout the organization is one of the principles outlined in the FOSS Movement: "We seek to move from commercial software to open source software wherever practical and useful. Nikita Peters, Director of the Porsche Open Source Office, adds that this gives us more flexibility, lessens our reliance on external sources, and enables us to gain from the open source community.

Active participation in international open-source communities is another aspect. The goal is to advance the open-source software movement by learning from one another and working together. This makes cross-company collaboration and knowledge sharing easier.

The Porsche Open Source Office has put in place a number of methods to accomplish these goals, including:

The creation of lean procedures and standardized FOSS-based technologies, such as the OSS Review Toolkit and the ScanCode Toolkit project, for the orchestration and automation of open source software in all Porsche products.

Investment in employee education and training to ensure that the benefits of open source are fully realized.

The Porsche Open Source Platform is being developed jointly with Porsche Digital. In order to establish transparency in Porsche's open source initiatives, this site acts as a one-stop shop. This makes it simpler for every Porsche employee to participate in open source and contribute by publishing code.

Open source drives innovation

The digital transformation at Porsche is significantly fueled by open source, which already serves as the foundation for many of the company's current software solutions, including prototype tests, the My Porsche digital platform, and the Porsche Design System. Additionally, Porsche participates in the Android Open Source Project. Because of its open philosophy, Porsche is able to examine the software code, include its own requirements into the overall project, and enhance the driving experience as a whole on a pre-existing foundation.

Beyond the technical benefits, open source initiatives like these give Porsche the chance to hire new employees and collaborate closely with a large network of technology pioneers.

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