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Porsche offers enhanced digital experiences with third-party services and data

Porsche is giving its customers even more value via Porsche Connect Partner Services (PCPS). Porsche is allowing owners of its sports cars to enhance their individual digital experiences with new services from third-party partners, including the use of individualized vehicle data.

A customer can choose to use their Porsche as a platform for cutting-edge data-based services that simplify day-to-day driving, such as a digital logbook or an insurance rate based on the actual number of miles driven. Applications for intelligent charging are also available for electric vehicles.

Selected partners

Carefully chosen partner services from the insurance, smart charging, and on-demand sectors are the main emphasis of Porsche Connect Partner Services. In order to provide Porsche drivers with specialized data-based digital services, Porsche is always trying to expand these offerings. Porsche clients can currently use the following services:

Porsche CarPolicy Flex insurance

Porsche Financial Services, in collaboration with the HDI insurance provider, offers the Porsche CarPolicy Flex insurance rate. The insurance premium is computed using this data-based insurance tariff based on the actual miles driven. Monthly billing is available, as is monthly termination. This sets the tariff apart from many others on the market and offers constant control over ongoing auto insurance expenses. Without the need for additional hardware, the mileage is communicated straight from the vehicle to the partner via an interface. No data, including driving habits or other information, is sent to the partner.

Smart charging

Smart charging refers to advancements in charging made possible by data exchange between the car, the grid operator, and the service provider. To prevent load peaks, for instance, this entails adapting the charging capacity to the present grid demand. It is already possible to regulate the charging process using time-based power prices. Hourly modifications are made by providers based on the prices listed on the electrical exchanges. This indicates that the electric car always receives the most affordable charge. Because low electricity prices on the electrical exchange are primarily the result of a high share of green electricity in the grid, this smart charging application, which is already available, reduces charging costs and actively contributes to the energy transition. The collaborations that will allow Porsche drivers to employ dynamic smart charging tariffs are presently being developed by Porsche. For instance, Porsche and Kaluza are currently collaborating. In the future, the Kaluza platform will autonomously manage charging for Porsche drivers, initiating the process when the least expensive and greenest energy is available.

Overview of charging and driving data / on-demand services

Porsche owners have access to additional on-demand services that simplify daily driving. These consist of a breakdown of the cost of charging and a link to the driver's smartphone. The automatic production of an electronic logbook is another use case. If requested, this information can be submitted directly to the tax office via an interface, which simplifies the process of calculating taxes.

Through the following partners, Porsche Connect Partner Services provides connections:

  • Tronity (digital logbook and transparency of charging processes)

  • EEVEE (cost tracking for charging sessions)

  • Autologg (electronic logbook including copy for tax return)

  • A Better Route Planner (route planning for electric cars)

Porsche is always trying to grow its partner network. The US and the European Union already provide Porsche Connect partner services.

Privacy is the top priority

For these and many other services, customized software and goods that may offer a fresh digital client experience based on automotive data are necessary. The Porsche Taycan already has the ability to send customer-approved vehicle data straight to third parties. These third-party applications have access to this data live and in real time, greatly enhancing the value of data-based services.

Through a unique PCPS interface, Porsche makes personalized vehicle data available to other parties. The strictest privacy regulations are adhered to throughout this process. Customer control over their data is never lost, and they are always in control of which service providers have access to which car data and for what purposes. This agreement must be made in writing and may be revoked at any time.

"In our opinion, the foundation for our customers' trust in the range of data-based services they can utilize in our vehicles is privacy that focuses on their digital self-determination. Because of this, the privacy of our consumers is our top priority, according to Christian Völkel, Chief Privacy Officer at Porsche AG.

Christian Völkel

Porsche Connect Partner Services: Prerequisites

An activated Porsche Connect license is required to use Porsche Connect Partner Services. Porsche Connect is free for three years following its initial activation when a new Porsche is purchased. Porsche Connect Partner Services are offered in the 911 (as of model years 2018 and 2019), Cayenne (as of model years 2017 and 2018), Panamera (as of model years 2022 and 2019), and Taycan (as of model years 2019 and 2022) model series, as well as in the next vehicle generations with functional Porsche Connect.

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