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  • Ahmed Saleh

Prince Ali backs Saudi Arabia's 2034 FIFA World Cup bid firmly

Amman, October 5, 2023, In a recent statement, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, the President of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), reaffirmed the federation's unwavering support for Saudi Arabia's ambitious bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup. Prince Ali emphasized that the bid by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) to host the prestigious tournament is a matter of great pride and requires collective efforts and assistance to ensure its success.

In his press release, Prince Ali underlined WAFF's commitment to unity and collaboration in advancing football in the region and the broader Arab world. He reiterated the full support of WAFF's executive committee for Saudi Arabia's bid, emphasizing that the success of this endeavor would be a triumph for all, signifying a significant step towards achieving excellence and a promising future of prosperity.

Prince Ali further highlighted Saudi Arabia's demonstrated capability to present a bid that meets the highest standards. He pointed to the Kingdom's consistent presence on the global sports stage and its positive contributions across various levels, particularly in youth and sports development, with a strong focus on football.

The WAFF President pledged that the federation would leverage its resources and support the SAFF throughout its journey to secure the hosting rights for the world's largest and most prestigious football tournament. He expressed optimism that Saudi Arabia's bid would receive widespread backing, given the nation's capacity to organize an exceptional edition of the global sporting event.

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