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Prince Mohammed unveils KAUST's new strategy

Riyadh, August 20, 2023, In an important moment today, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the esteemed Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the KAUST Board of Trustees, unveiled the highly anticipated new strategy of the university. In a bid to foster economically fruitful innovations, a new strategy has been unveiled. This strategy is centered around the nation's key research, development, and innovation priorities. These priorities include health and wellness, sustainable environments and essential needs, energy and industrial leadership, and economies of the future. The aim is to channel research efforts towards these crucial areas, with the ultimate goal of transforming them into tangible and beneficial outcomes for the nation. In a bid to achieve the ambitious goals set forth in Vision 2030, the strategy implemented by KAUST also seeks to bolster its alliances with both the public and private sectors. This collaborative approach is expected to play a pivotal role in the realization of the desired outcomes. In a statement made by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, he lauded the remarkable achievements of KAUST since its establishment. The Crown Prince emphasized that the university has set itself apart through its groundbreaking research, cutting-edge innovations, and exceptional faculty, propelling it to the forefront of global research institutions. In a groundbreaking move, KAUST, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, has unveiled a new strategy that aims to leverage its impressive scientific and academic accomplishments. This strategic plan marks a significant turning point for the university, as it sets its sights on becoming a prominent hub of knowledge, inspiration, and innovation. Aligned with the ambitious Vision 2030 goals, this bold initiative seeks to not only uplift the Kingdom but also make a global impact. With this visionary approach, KAUST is poised to shape a brighter future for both Saudi Arabia and the world at large.

In a groundbreaking move, the organization has unveiled a cutting-edge strategy that places a strong emphasis on maximizing the potential for transforming research endeavors into lucrative and economically advantageous innovations. In a bid to achieve its ambitious goals, the government has outlined three key initiatives. Firstly, the National Transformation Institute for Applied Research (NTI) will be launched to expedite the development and commercialization of technology, thereby bolstering the Kingdom's economic diversification efforts. Secondly, research centers will undergo a restructuring process to ensure alignment with national priorities in research, development, and innovation. Lastly, a substantial fund of $200 million (SAR 750 million) will be established to address the existing gap in investment for both local and international high-tech firms. This move is expected to not only enhance economic diversification but also contribute to the creation of high-quality technical jobs. In a bid to foster a sustainable global impact, a newly unveiled strategy is set to offer researchers, faculty staff, and students a plethora of high-quality opportunities. This ambitious plan aims to empower individuals to apply their scientific knowledge and research expertise while simultaneously bolstering international and local partnerships. In a groundbreaking collaboration, the KAUST Reefscape Restoration Initiative has joined forces with NEOM to embark on a mission of paramount significance. This ambitious endeavor aims to nurture and revive an extensive expanse of coral reefs spanning 100 hectares on Shushah Island in the illustrious Red Sea. Through this partnership, the restoration initiative endeavors to cultivate and rejuvenate hundreds of thousands of coral reefs, marking a pivotal step towards preserving the delicate marine ecosystem. In a remarkable display of commitment to fostering innovation and advancing scientific research, KAUST has announced its unwavering dedication to maintaining collaborative partnerships with some of the most influential companies in both the Kingdom and the global arena. Among these esteemed entities are Aramco, SABIC, ACWA Power, IBM, Dow, and Boeing, all of whom have demonstrated their unwavering support for KAUST's mission. This strategic alliance will undoubtedly pave the way for groundbreaking advancements and propel the Kingdom's scientific landscape to new heights.

In a bold move towards global collaboration, the strategy aims to bolster international partnerships and forge cooperation frameworks with renowned academic institutions and trailblazing technology pioneers across the globe. In a groundbreaking move, the company has recently embarked on forging strategic cooperation agreements with esteemed academic and commercial institutes in the bustling Chinese city of Shenzhen. This collaboration aims to foster applied research in pioneering domains such as aerospace, robotics, and microelectronics. In a bid to foster the growth of the higher education ecosystem and cultivate the next generation of scientific research pioneers in the Kingdom, KAUST has unveiled a series of initiatives and partnerships. With a focus on promoting research and global innovation as well as stimulating the emergence of advanced technology startups, KAUST aims to make a significant contribution to the development of the scientific landscape. The enhancement of the competitiveness of the Kingdom's economy and its global position as a leader in innovation is expected to occur. KAUST's strategy is firmly rooted in its rich legacy and esteemed global academic standing. The university's impressive track record, brimming with countless groundbreaking accomplishments since its inception, serves as a testament to its exceptional reputation. In a remarkable achievement, the latest edition of the QS 2021 ranking has bestowed the prestigious title of being the top-ranked institution globally in terms of "citations per faculty" upon this esteemed university. The university's research production has achieved a significant milestone, placing it among the top 25% of the most esteemed scientific journals globally. This remarkable achievement has surpassed even the research output of its esteemed peer universities. KAUST, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, has made significant global contributions by nurturing and producing a pool of exceptional talent. These highly skilled professionals have ascended to prominent leadership positions, assuming roles as esteemed CEOs and esteemed researchers at renowned international institutions. Notable organizations that have benefited from KAUST's talent pipeline include NASA, the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the groundbreaking NEOM project, among others.

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