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  • Sheryll Mericido

Prophet's Mosque Welcomes Millions of Visitors and Worshippers

The Agency of the Prophet's Mosque Presidency announced that over a span of six days in Jumada I, the mosque received an astounding 5,364,000 worshippers and visitors. To ensure a smooth experience for all, the agency collaborated closely with various entities including security, service, health, emergency, and voluntary agencies.

A key focus of the agency's efforts was to facilitate access to significant areas within the Prophet's Mosque. They successfully organized the entry of more than 467,221 visitors to Prophet Mohammed's tomb. Additionally, the agency warmly welcomed 135,242 worshippers who performed prayers at Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah.

The agency's commitment to visitor welfare extended beyond these core services. They provided designated spaces for the elderly, benefiting 16,772 individuals. Furthermore, they distributed 27,267 gifts, offered guidance services to 48,698 people, and facilitated communication through phone services and channels, benefiting 20,277 individuals. Exhibitions served 3,727 individuals, while 37,578 people benefited from translation services, 11,605 utilized the library, and 45,937 availed themselves of transportation services.

In their dedication to hospitality, the agency distributed 119,400 bottles of Zamzam water and provided 92,008 iftar (breaking-fast) meals. Through these efforts, the Prophet's Mosque Presidency Agency aimed to provide a seamless and fulfilling experience for all worshippers and visitors.

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