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  • Sheryll Mericido

Qassim University excels with four eLearning Innovation Awards from NeLC

Buraydah, October 02, 2023, Qassim University has achieved remarkable success by clinching four prestigious eLearning Innovation Awards presented by the National eLearning Center (NeLC) in the "Excellence and Impact" category. This remarkable achievement sets Qassim University apart as the top-performing institution among a pool of 1,300 participants.

These accolades stand as a testament to the university's unwavering dedication to embracing eLearning through the utilization of cutting-edge innovations and technologies. Qassim University's commitment to advancing eLearning has not only garnered recognition but has also underscored its leadership in the field.

The four awards secured by Qassim University are distributed across two significant categories. Two awards fall under the Excellence Track for Higher Education and Training Programs, recognizing the institution's outstanding contributions in this realm. Additionally, two awards were granted in the Impact Track, acknowledging Qassim University's commendable work in enriching Open Educational Resources (OER) on the OERx platform and facilitating Human Capacity Development through the FutureX platform.

The eLearning Innovation Award, initiated by NeLC, serves as a platform to honor national endeavors, innovative practices, and pioneering technologies aimed at enhancing human capital development. It encourages online learning and training providers and practitioners to devise and implement the most effective solutions and practices in their respective fields.

Furthermore, this award plays a pivotal role in elevating the standards of eLearning and training programs, fostering innovative solutions within the sector, and recognizing the outstanding efforts dedicated to the development of eLearning and human capabilities. Qassim University's four-fold victory in these awards reflects its commitment to pushing the boundaries of eLearning excellence and its dedication to shaping the future of education and human development.

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