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Red Sea Global and Zain KSA unveil the first zero-carbon 5G network

RIYADH - In a groundbreaking collaboration, Red Sea Global (RSG) and Zain KSA have proudly introduced the world's inaugural zero-carbon 5G network. RSG, renowned for spearheading transformative regenerative tourism ventures such as The Red Sea and Amaala, partnered with Zain KSA, a prominent telecom and digital services provider in the Kingdom. This remarkable achievement was unveiled at the prestigious Six Senses Southern Dunes resort, nestled within the breathtaking landscape of the Red Sea.

Introducing the cutting-edge zero-carbon 5G network, an exclusive technological marvel designed specifically for the Red Sea resort. In a groundbreaking move, the highly anticipated 5G network has been meticulously crafted to prioritize the well-being of both individuals and the environment. This cutting-edge network promises to deliver unparalleled speeds for 5G connectivity, setting a new benchmark in the region. What sets this innovation apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability, as it will be fueled entirely by renewable energy sources. Red Sea Global, the mastermind behind this ambitious project, has erected an impressive array of over 760,000 solar panels, ensuring that the entire 28,000 km2 destination remains powered by clean and renewable energy.

In a bold vision for the future, our organization sets its sights on becoming a trailblazer in the realm of regenerative tourism development. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we aim to embrace 100% renewable energy sources at our esteemed flagship destination, the Red Sea. Furthermore, we are steadfast in our pursuit of attaining a remarkable 30% net conservation benefit by the year 2040. In a statement, John Pagano, the group CEO at Red Sea Global, emphasized the need for ambitious partners to achieve their ambitious goals. He highlighted the collaboration with Zain KSA, stating that it goes beyond telecommunications and encompasses areas such as sustainability and environmental protection.

Zain KSA has showcased a profound comprehension of our needs and has delivered the essential services and solutions required to accomplish our strategic goals. In a resolute statement, Mr. Pagano expressed a shared determination to achieve a significant and lasting influence that establishes unprecedented benchmarks in the realm of sustainable development.

In a remarkable display of technological prowess, a groundbreaking project has been unveiled, harnessing the power of innovative 3D printing. This cutting-edge endeavor is set to accomplish three pivotal objectives: safeguarding the environment, curbing emissions through the utilization of renewable energy sources, and tackling the issue of visual distortion head-on. In seamless integration with the captivating landscape of the Red Sea, the towers have been meticulously constructed to exude a harmonious blend. The towers' exterior design takes inspiration from the stunning rock formations that surround them, creating a seamless integration with the resort's natural habitat. This careful attention to aesthetics not only minimizes any visual disruption but also upholds the project's commitment to environmental preservation.

In a recent statement, Eng. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Deghaither, the esteemed CEO of Zain KSA, expressed his immense pride in the company's latest achievement. As a prominent figure in the telecommunications and digital services industries, Al-Deghaither believes that this milestone will undoubtedly propel Zain KSA towards its goal of becoming a trailblazing sustainable technology provider. In a remarkable display of commitment to sustainable development, we have joined forces with "Red Sea Global," a renowned developer known for its visionary approach. This collaboration serves as a testament to our shared vision, one that seeks to strike a delicate balance between human prosperity and the preservation of our natural resources. Aligned with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, our partnership underscores the importance of ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. By placing a strong emphasis on technological advancements that promote sustainability, we have the potential to transform these ideals into tangible outcomes. Through innovative approaches and the creation of state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, we can effectively bring these values to fruition. In a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation at the local level, our organization has prioritized the localization of technological advancements and the utilization of locally sourced content. As a testament to this dedication, we have achieved a significant milestone by successfully erecting the 5G towers for this groundbreaking project within the borders of Saudi Arabia. In a display of unwavering dedication to the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, our nation's pivotal strategic endeavor, we are proud to announce a series of extraordinary accomplishments. These milestones serve as a testament to our resolute commitment to achieving nationwide digital transformation and sustainability objectives. Notably, our efforts are aimed at attaining carbon neutrality by the year 2060 while simultaneously enhancing the overall quality of life throughout the Kingdom.

RSG, a prominent company, has recently announced its decision to collaborate with partners who share similar values. One such partner is Zain KSA, a leading player in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. Zain KSA's unwavering dedication to achieving net-zero emissions aligns perfectly with RSG's ongoing endeavors to prioritize sustainability and regeneration within its resorts. The development of the 5G network is in line with the objectives set forth by Vision 2030, which aims to enhance the reliance on clean energy sources, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment.

In a highly anticipated development, the Red Sea is set to welcome its inaugural guests later this year. This ambitious project will encompass an impressive array of 50 resorts, boasting a staggering 8,000 hotel rooms and over 1,000 residential properties. Spanning across 22 islands and six inland sites, this grand endeavor is poised to redefine luxury and leisure in the region. The upcoming destination will boast a plethora of opulent marinas, world-class golf courses, top-notch entertainment options, a wide array of exquisite dining experiences, and an abundance of leisure facilities to cater to every visitor's desires.

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