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  • Ahmed Saleh

Riyadh Air's CEO-led delegation visited China to prepare for mid-2025 inaugural flight

Riyadh, October 02, 2023, A delegation led by Riyadh Air's CEO, Tony Douglas, embarked on a significant visit to the People's Republic of China in preparation for the airline's inaugural flight set for mid-2025. This visit encompassed a series of crucial meetings with key players in the Chinese aviation industry.

Among the notable engagements during their stay, the delegation convened with the Saudi Ambassador to China, Abdulrahman Al-Harbi. The discussions encompassed the program and outcomes of their meetings with Chinese aviation counterparts.

Riyadh Air's visit extended to strategic meetings with pivotal stakeholders, including the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), local authorities, various airports, and airlines. These deliberations were an integral part of Riyadh Air's strategic blueprint for its future endeavors in China.

CEO Tony Douglas highlighted the significance of this visit, which involved discussions with multiple stakeholders and the sharing of Riyadh Air's forthcoming plans. Central to these discussions was the operational roadmap for the Saudi-Chinese partnership. Douglas emphasized the pivotal role that China plays in Riyadh Air's expansion strategy, underscoring the airline's ambitious goal to serve over 100 global destinations by 2030, a plan that has garnered the interest and participation of airlines in China and across the world.

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