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  • Ahmed Saleh

Riyadh prepares for 2023 World Senior Weightlifting Championship

Riyadh, August 20, 2023, In a bid to showcase its global sporting prowess, Riyadh is currently in the midst of extensive preparations to play host to the highly anticipated 2023 World Senior Weightlifting Championship. Scheduled to take place from September 3rd to September 17th, 2023, this prestigious event is set to attract the world's top weightlifting athletes to the capital city of Saudi Arabia. With a staggering number of 2,500 male and female athletes hailing from 170 countries worldwide, the Championship stands as a pivotal qualification event for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics. In a momentous decision, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has handpicked a group of 60 distinguished referees from across the globe to preside over the highly anticipated championship competitions. These referees, widely regarded as the crème de la crème of the weightlifting world, have been entrusted with the crucial task of ensuring fair play and upholding the integrity of the sport. With their expertise and experience, the IWF aims to guarantee a level playing field for all athletes vying for glory in these prestigious tournaments. In the days ahead, a series of crucial meetings are on the horizon, with one notable event being the Congress meeting of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). During this gathering, a range of pivotal decisions outlined on the agenda are poised to receive official approval. In addition, an upcoming gathering of the executive board is on the horizon, along with individual sessions dedicated to various committees such as the Medical Committee, the Media Committee, and the Scientific and Research Committee. In a further development, a crucial technical meeting has been arranged for the teams set to compete in the highly anticipated championship.

The organizing committee of the championship has taken great measures to guarantee the availability of top-notch sports equipment for the event. This includes a wide range of platforms and weights sourced from reputable companies that have strong affiliations with the weightlifting discipline. In addition, the upcoming competitions will see the incorporation of VAR technology to effectively resolve any potential disputes that athletes may have regarding their lifts. With high expectations of breaking previous records, the upcoming championship is on the brink of welcoming world champions from every corner of the globe. In what is anticipated to be a groundbreaking milestone for weightlifting accomplishments, this event is poised to serve as a crucial qualifying stage for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics.

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