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  • Ahmed Saleh

Riyadh's "Rsh" Festival: Street art celebration by Visual Arts Commission

Riyadh, November 01, 2023, The Visual Arts Commission is gearing up for the upcoming second edition of the "Rsh" Festival, a vibrant street art extravaganza set to take place in Riyadh. This eagerly anticipated event will unite artists and creators from around the world in a celebration of street art culture.

Steering the festival's artistic direction are Basmah Felemban, a Saudi graphic designer and artist, and Cedar Lewison, a British writer and artist. Their vision for the festival is to delve into the rich history of street art, empower the artistic community, and, most importantly, foster the proliferation of street art culture both regionally and globally.

The festival is poised to host more than 30 local, regional, and international artists, alongside an impressive lineup of over 50 speakers, musicians, and performers. The event, spanning from November 15 to December 6, aims to serve as a platform for artistic exchange, talent sharing, and the celebration of cultural diversity through the medium of street art.

For the Visual Arts Commission, the festival presents an opportunity to spotlight the latest expressions of street art in the Kingdom, support emerging artists with a passion for this genre, and provide a prominent stage for street artists to showcase their work.

Beyond the realm of art, the festival also underscores the Ministry of Culture's commitment to advancing international cultural exchange, aligning with the broader strategic objectives outlined in Vision 2030. It is a testament to Saudi Arabia's dedication to fostering a dynamic and culturally enriched landscape for all to appreciate.

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