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  • Ahmed Saleh

Riyadh Season 2023 presents global treasure hunt with $1 million prize

Riyadh, November 3, 2023, The organizers of Riyadh Season 2023 have unveiled an exciting event, the "2023 Riyadh Season Treasure" hunt, set to kick off on November 7. This treasure hunt offers participants from around the world the opportunity to win a grand prize of up to $1 million (SAR 3.75 million), along with weekly prizes totaling $600,000 (SAR 2.2 million), making the combined prize value up to $1,600,000 (SAR 6 million).

As a prominent feature of the fourth edition of Riyadh Season, themed "Big Time," this competition is a multi-stage adventure involving clue-finding, puzzle-solving, and testing participants' knowledge. To ensure accessibility to a broader audience, eight of these stages can be accessed through a smartphone application.

Riyadh Season, known for attracting global visitors to the capital of Saudi Arabia during the winter months, provides an array of entertainment options and unique experiences. Thousands of concerts, exhibitions, and special entertainment events make this season a grand celebration, featuring notable celebrities and renowned international brands.

For those interested in reserving tickets for events and experiences in the zone, the WeBook application offers a convenient platform through the provided link:

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