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  • Sheryll Mericido

Riyadh to host SSMG 2023 conference from September 28

Riyadh, September 19, 2023, Riyadh will host the Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG) 2023 conference over a three-day timeframe starting September 28. President of the Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG), Professor Amal Al-Hashem, called the event "one of the most important scientific conferences in genetic medicine locally and globally," adding that it fits in with Saudi efforts to support all facets of serving citizens and strengthens SSMG's health efforts in maintaining levels of health awareness to confront genetic diseases. According to Professor Zuhair bin Abdullah Rahbini, the official spokesman for the SSMG, more than 20 speakers with national and international expertise whom the SSMG considers reliable resources in achieving a scientific shift in genetic medicine services in the Kingdom will participate in the conference.

He elaborated that the conference's attendees would include physicians specializing in pediatrics, genetics, and metabolism, as well as genetic researchers, laboratory technicians, genetic counselors, and other medical professionals with an interest in the topic.

Visit to register for the event.

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