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  • Ahmed Saleh

Riyadh welcomes positive outcomes of League of Arab States-facilitated Libyan meeting

Riyadh, March 11, 2024, Riyadh has warmly welcomed the outcomes of a meeting facilitated by the League of Arab States, which gathered Libyan leaders, including the President of the Presidential Council, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the President of the Supreme Council of State. The primary objective of this meeting was to provide support for a political solution leading to upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry, in a statement, reiterated the Kingdom's steadfast support for all Arab and international initiatives aimed at bringing stability and security to Libya. It emphasized the Saudi government's alignment with any measures that ensure progress, prosperity, and the fulfillment of Libya's national interests. This affirmation underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region through diplomatic endeavors and collaborative initiatives.

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