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Rolls-Royce reaffirms commitment to Dare to Dream mentoring program

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is happy to reaffirm its commitment to Dare to Dream, a mentoring program that aims to support students in realizing their potential and overcoming personal obstacles to success.

  • Renewing its participation in the Dare to Dream mentoring program is Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

  • Run by the Love Local Jobs Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works with West Sussex's top schools and employers.

  • Year 9 students from three surrounding schools hear about the experiences and perspectives of the Rolls-Royce team.

  • Is to give students more self-assurance, assist them in overcoming academic and personal obstacles, and help them shape their life's path with the help of professionals.

  • Visitors are welcome to tour the office and take inspiration from the available early career opportunities at the Home of Rolls-Royce.

"We've been a part of Dare to Dream for a number of years, and it's always been a tremendously fulfilling experience for the young people participating and our own staff members acting as mentors. Since we were able to welcome the students on-site at the Home of Rolls-Royce for the first time since the epidemic, this year has been especially noteworthy. These young people gain a lot of confidence as they approach their GCSE options by discussing their worries, experiences, and aspirations with individuals who are already in the workforce. We're thrilled to be able to assist them and contribute to the development of the tremendous talent we observe in our neighboring areas. Mark Adams, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' Director of Human Resources

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is happy to reaffirm its commitment to Dare to Dream, a mentoring program that aims to support students in realizing their potential and overcoming personal obstacles to success.

15 volunteers from across the firm volunteered their time to serve as mentors to Year 9 students from Chichester Free School, Bourne Community College, and Ormiston Six Villages Academy, all of which are nearby the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood. This was done during the 2022–2023 academic year. Some of the team members were contestants in 2022 and have continued to participate as "super mentors."

Each mentor works with three students, all of whom are dealing with issues that will have an impact on their future job decisions, academic advancement, and personal lives. Over the course of three meetings, the mentors discuss their personal experiences and ideas, try to comprehend the student's outlook on life, and challenge any assumptions the student may have about the world and themselves.

By encouraging kids to think outside the confines of their homes and schools, educators may inspire aspirational thinking and give them the will to tackle future challenges. The mentors show that doors aren't always closed by revealing their own travels, which haven't always followed traditional educational and professional pathways; possibilities arise with the desire to pursue things they enjoy and are interested in, no matter how risky.

"This inspirational, impactful program makes students aware of a variety of pathways and opportunities while giving them the confidence to believe in themselves and make better-informed decisions about their future," says Alison Turnbull, Head of Year 9 at Chichester Free School. It was a fantastic opportunity to visit Rolls-Royce, and it inspired discussions about alternate post-16 choices. You really have no idea how many lives you are changing, so please keep doing what you're doing.

When students are selecting their GCSEs and feeling pressured to start creating long-term education and career plans, it can be difficult for them. Dare to Dream assists students throughout this challenging period. Mentors offer much-needed assistance at this critical time; it can be especially beneficial for students to realize that people who have already entered the workforce encounter similar difficulties and contend with their own doubts and anxieties.

The Year 9 student from Bourne Community College who took part in the activity said, "This was one of the best things I've been able to do yet! The staff at Rolls-Royce was incredibly cordial and offered a wide range of opportunities for motivated and gifted students. The Dare to Dream program has been incredible and has boosted my self-assurance and my capacity to deal with obstacles in life.

Previous mentors claim that from one session to the next, pupils' confidence grew noticeably. The mentors offer practical coaching, assisting students in thinking through the skills they may need and how they can go about acquiring them, in addition to inspiring them to take responsibility for achieving their objectives.

Lydia Woodroff, an HR Sustainability Business Partner, is in charge of managing the project at Rolls-Royce. "We were happy to continue supporting Dare to Dream this year and watch the program's continued impact on the chosen participants over the year," she says. They got to know some of our apprentices and witnessed how we help individuals launch their careers. They also observed the construction of vehicles and participated in a "customer reveal," which culminated with a ride in a Rolls-Royce Phantom and souvenir photos. We are grateful for the chance to demonstrate to young people the variety of skills we employ here and the various roles we provide in such close proximity to home.

"Our work in and around Chichester simply wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of our friends at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars," adds Jack 'The Lad' Hayes, program head for the Love Local Jobs Foundation. For students, it is a truly exceptional experience to know that one of the most prominent brands in the world wants to assist and encourage them. As usual, the mentor staff at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars truly embraced their position, and the students they worked with will greatly benefit from it.

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