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  • Ahmed Saleh

ROSHN Group expands "SEDRA" project, adding 4,860 residential units in phases

Riyadh, March 04, 2024, ROSHN Group has unveiled an expansion of its widely acclaimed "SEDRA" project, introducing a new phase that incorporates 4,860 additional residential units. Encompassing an expansive area exceeding 1.9 million square meters, this new phase will be introduced gradually, with the initial sale tranche making 1,254 units available for prospective buyers.

CEO of ROSHN Group, David Grover, emphasized the significance of the SEDRA 4 project in a press release, stating, "The launch of sales for SEDRA 4 builds on the success of SEDRA’s first three phases and reflects the progress ROSHN has made in such a short period." Grover highlighted the project's response to the growing demand for innovative living, combining modern, sustainable design with an array of amenities, including schools, a primary care hospital, and a district mall within a five-minute walking distance, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

According to the press release, SEDRA 4's latest phase features 4,860 new homes, allocating 30% of its footprint to public spaces. Notable additions to the expansion include the "Kingdom's largest Sports Dome" and various amenities such as green spaces, mosques, and neighborhood retail centers.

Situated north of SEDRA 3 and accessible via Airport Road, SEDRA 4 provides residents with seamless access to ROSHN Front shopping, education, healthcare, and entertainment options. Positioned in the lively North Riyadh area, the development is conveniently located near universities, the airport, and a train station, enhancing its appeal and connectivity, as per the press release.

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