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  • Ahmed Saleh

AlUla International Archeology Summit announced, September 13-15

AlUla, August 10, 2023, The highly anticipated "AlUla International Archeology Summit" has been officially unveiled by the esteemed Royal Commission for AlUla. Mark your calendars for the dates of September 13th to 15th, as this extraordinary event promises to captivate attendees with its rich offerings. In this thrilling three-day summit, a distinguished assembly of renowned international experts and trailblazers in the field of archeology and cultural heritage will convene to partake in invigorating deliberations centered around four pivotal themes: identity, archeological sites, flexibility, and access. The forthcoming summit presents a thrilling occasion for the exchange of scientific ideas, fostering collaboration among brilliant minds, and igniting the flames of innovation. With a robust lineup of 60 esteemed speakers, the stage is set for forging profound connections that bridge the realms of archaeology and contemporary global issues within this sector. The thrilling objective is to ignite a collective vision and generate groundbreaking solutions rooted in heritage.

In addition to the primary summit, a captivating "Future Forum" is set to be organized! In this esteemed forum, the collective wisdom of distinguished professionals from the Kingdom and beyond shall be unveiled as they unite to partake in thought-provoking dialogues centered around the augmentation of archaeology and cultural landscapes. The summit has the noble objective of unleashing the boundless potential found within cultural heritage-inspired visions. By doing so, it seeks to bestow tremendous advantages upon humanity while also seamlessly aligning with the ambitious goals set forth by the Saudi Vision 2030. Furthermore, this splendid occasion perfectly coincides with the Kingdom's momentous milestone of hosting the 45th session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in the illustrious city of Riyadh, spanning from the 10th to the 25th of September.

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