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  • Ahmed Saleh

RSAF joins "Sindh Shield 2023" military exercise in Pakistan

Riyadh, October 01, 2023, The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) is set to partake in the "Sindh Shield 2023" military exercise, held in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. During the departure ceremony at King Khalid Air Base, Major General Pilot Talal bin Suleiman Al-Ghamdi, Deputy Commander of the RSAF, oversaw the participating group.

General Al-Ghamdi conducted a thorough inspection of the equipment, assessed personnel readiness, and scrutinized preparations and arrangements. He urged participants to give their utmost in the exercise to enhance their combat capabilities while prioritizing safety.

Scheduled to kick off later this week and spanning nearly a month, the exercise's primary objective is to train in aerial combat operations within an international coalition, emphasizing joint operations in a simulated warfare environment. Furthermore, it fosters the exchange of military expertise in planning and execution among friendly nations, bolstering the readiness and combat proficiency of aircrews and support teams while strengthening international relations among participating countries.

The Kingdom, through its Air Force, joins forces with the host nation, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and the Republic of Turkiye in the "Sindh Shield 2023" exercise, marking a significant collaborative effort in military training and international cooperation.

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