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Salma Amani joins Al-Ittihad Club, strengthening Saudi Women's Football League

JEDDAHSalma Amani, an international player for Morocco, has signed with the women's football squad of Al-Ittihad Club after formerly playing for Metz of France. The Saudi Women's Football League team's lineup will be strengthened as a result of this move.

Salma Amani, who started her sports career playing for the French young national team before deciding to play for the senior Moroccan women's national team, was one of the athletes Al-Ittihad was able to secure. At the most recent Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, she took part.

When Salma joined her twin brother, Salam, in France at age five, she began her football career. She attended a football academy thanks to her grandfather, and until she was fourteen, she participated in youth soccer. She then spent three years as a member of the famed Clairefontaine elite training facility. She then went on to play for a number of clubs, such as Dijon, Guingamp, and Fleury, before most recently joining Metz in France before her departure to Saudi Arabia.

Salma's passion for football and the military prompted her to serve in the French military, specifically the French army. She was chosen to compete for France in the 2011 Military World Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Salma Amani had a difficult time juggling her love of football with her military obligations. She previously said, "Because of my military work, I tried to balance the game and my professional responsibilities. I enjoy my work, but it has gotten harder over the years to balance both careers, so I've had to pick one to concentrate on. I decided to play professionally in football.

Amani is renowned for her physical prowess, football savviness, and game-reading skills, all of which have aided her in securing her spot in midfield throughout her football career while playing for both the French and Moroccan national teams.

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