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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia actively supports global development, emphasizing climate change challenges

Riyadh, November 08, 2023, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actively aids global development, emphasizing climate challenges. The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), spanning 49 years, is pivotal in international assistance. Recognized for water and food security initiatives, it acts as Saudi Arabia's global development arm, upholding core values for a dignified life.

SFD's impactful support focuses on diverse sectors, contributing to social progress and economic prosperity in Africa. Over 413 projects, totaling $10.7 billion, fortify sustainable development pillars. Initiatives span health, education, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure, ports, and energy, creating opportunities for economic and social growth.

SFD's role in the Saudi Program for Drilling Wells and Rural Development addresses water and food scarcity, benefiting 4.5 million people across 19 African countries. CEO Sultan Abdulrahman Al-Marshad emphasizes the fund's commitment to overcoming obstacles in African development, with approximately 57.06% of its support directed to the continent.

Since 1975, SFD has allocated around $20 billion for over 800 projects in 100+ countries, aligning with Saudi Arabia's commitment to comprehensive and sustainable global growth.

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