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  • Sheryll Mericido

Saudi Arabia Commends Security Council Resolution for Humanitarian Truce in Gaza

Riyadh, November 16, 2023 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed its appreciation for the recent adoption of a Security Council resolution. This resolution calls on all parties involved in the conflict to adhere to their obligations under international law. Saudi Arabia further advocates for the recurrent adoption of a humanitarian truce spanning several days. The primary aim is to offer much-needed relief to civilians, with a particular focus on safeguarding the well-being of children who bear the brunt of the sustained aggression against Gaza.

The Kingdom views this resolution as a pivotal initial stride in the right direction. It underscores the necessity for the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by putting a halt to military operations. Additionally, there is a call for holding occupying forces accountable for their blatant violations of both legal and humanitarian norms. Saudi Arabia asserts that this represents a crucial step forward in seeking justice and ensuring a more secure and humane environment for the affected population in Gaza.

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