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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia Releases 85 Endangered Animals as Part of Conservation Efforts

Riyadh, November 19, 2023, The National Center for Wildlife, in collaboration with the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Royal Reserve, has released the first batch of 85 endangered animals in the 2023-2024 season. This initiative is part of the center's program dedicated to increasing and relocating endangered wild animals, contributing to the restructuring of ecosystems and enriching biodiversity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The released animals include 20 Arabian oryx, 40 rim antelopes, six mountain gazelles, six alpine ibexes, and several rehabilitated birds. The bird species released comprise four steppe eagles, four griffon vultures, one lappet-faced vulture, and four pharaoh eagle-owls.

This release is the result of collaborative programs between the reserve and the center aimed at rehabilitating ecosystems within the reserve, enhancing biodiversity, and achieving national conservation targets.

Dr. Muhammed Qurban, CEO of the National Center for Wildlife, highlighted that the release program primarily aims to reintroduce endangered indigenous species to their natural habitats. Aligned with the Saudi Green Initiative and the National Environment Strategy, this initiative contributes to sustainable development, wildlife growth, and biodiversity, reflecting Saudi Arabia's commitment to global environmental conservation efforts. The program underscores the depth of cooperation between the center and national stakeholders with mutual interests.

Dr. Qurban emphasized that the center possesses specialized facilities for the reproduction and localization of endangered organisms in their natural habitats, adhering to the highest global standards. The center conducts research on living conditions, monitors biodiversity in protected areas using modern techniques for wildlife tracking, collects data, and assesses the risks faced by wildlife.

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