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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia, represented by KACST, joined S20, a G20 initiative

Rio de Janeiro, March 22, 2024, Saudi Arabia, represented by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), recently took part in the inaugural meeting of the Science20 (S20) group, a significant G20 initiative focused on leveraging science for global transformation. Hosted in Rio de Janeiro under the presidency of Brazil, this meeting served as a platform for science academies from G20 nations and international scientific bodies to come together and engage in meaningful discussions.

The discussions at the S20 meeting revolved around key themes such as artificial intelligence (AI), the bioeconomy, energy transition, health, and social justice. The Saudi delegation seized the opportunity to showcase the Kingdom's advancements and leadership in these critical areas.

One of the highlights of the Saudi delegation's contributions was in the field of artificial intelligence. They emphasized Saudi Arabia's robust presence and leadership in the data and AI sector. Moreover, they underscored the Kingdom's efforts in establishing a comprehensive legal framework aligned with international standards. This framework aims to ensure the responsible development and application of AI technologies, ultimately enhancing human capabilities and driving positive societal impact.

In the realm of the bioeconomy, the delegation elaborated on Saudi Arabia's commitment to economic diversification and sustainability. They outlined significant investments made in this sector, with the overarching goal of achieving global leadership. Central to this ambition is the National Biotechnology Strategy, which prioritizes improving public health, environmental protection, food and water security, as well as creating economic opportunities and promoting the localization of promising bio-industries.

Another key initiative highlighted by the Saudi delegation was the Saudi Genome Program, which addresses pressing health challenges. Leveraging big data, this program aims to advance precision medicine, facilitate digital health solutions, and mitigate the burden of hereditary and genetic diseases.

The delegation also emphasized Saudi Arabia's dedication to fostering a diversified energy mix. They showcased the Kingdom's investments in renewable and sustainable energy sources, signaling a commitment to ensuring a balanced and sustainable energy future.

Lastly, the Saudi delegation reiterated the Kingdom's unwavering commitment to social justice. They emphasized the importance of equality and creating fair societies where every segment of society has equal rights and opportunities for participation.

In conclusion, the Saudi delegation expressed gratitude to Brazil for hosting a successful meeting, which aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals. These goals encompass improving the quality of life and promoting economic diversification, reflecting the Kingdom's forward-looking approach to global challenges and opportunities.

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