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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia Takes Active Role in World Radiocommunication Conference 2023

Riyadh, November 20, 2023, Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Altamimi, Governor of the Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST), led the Saudi delegation at the opening session of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23) in Dubai, taking place from November 20 to December 15. The conference, attended by over 4,000 representatives, including ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin, focuses on crucial discussions in the telecommunications sector.

Altamimi, heading the Saudi delegation comprising representatives from 20 government organizations and private entities, engaged in bilateral meetings with international regulatory entities and held discussions with CEOs and heads of delegations from private sector companies in the communications, space, and technology field.

Having chaired the GCC group during the preparatory meeting for WRC-23, Saudi Arabia actively participated in international and regional discussions on radiocommunication topics. The country, dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, addressed key issues such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the next generation of networks (6G), Device-to-Device (D2D) communication, Mega-Constellations, and space sustainability. Saudi Arabia aims to set rules addressing space debris, emphasizing its commitment to collaboration and consensus-building for mutual interests among state members.

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