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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia to host and lead 9th Islamic World Environment Ministers Conference

Riyadh, October 11, 2023, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is poised to host and preside over the 9th Conference of Environment Ministers in the Islamic World. This significant conference, organized in collaboration with the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), will take place in Jeddah from October 18th to 19th. It is set to draw participation from a remarkable total of 52 countries, alongside 30 regional and international organizations dedicated to environmental affairs.

The conference program is rich and diverse, encompassing several scientific sessions of paramount importance. The initial session will delve into the concept of green transformation within the Islamic world, exploring the challenges and opportunities it presents. Following that, the second session will shine a spotlight on the pivotal role of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in attaining sustainable development goals. Ultimately, the closing session will wrap up the conference's proceedings.

Simultaneously, the Sixth Meeting of the Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment will convene, uniting the nine member states of the Executive Bureau alongside numerous regional and international organizations. An accompanying exhibition will provide a platform for showcasing environmental initiatives and solutions.

Elections to select members of the Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment will be held during the ministerial meeting, and crucial decisions regarding the location and date of the tenth conference session will be made.

A significant highlight of the conference lies in the presentation of the third edition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management. This prestigious accolade will honor 21 exceptional individuals from 18 Islamic nations for their remarkable contributions to environmental management.

By hosting this conference, Saudi Arabia demonstrates its unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and the promotion of sustainable development throughout the Islamic world.

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