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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia to Host World Endurance Championship 2026

Riyadh, November 19, 2023, In a recent announcement by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI), Saudi Arabia has been confirmed as the host for the World Endurance Championship in 2026. The Kingdom's bid, submitted in September, was successful, and the event is scheduled to take place in the AlUla Governorate under the supervision of the Saudi Equestrian Federation and the Royal Commission for AlUla.

The International Equestrian Federation and members of the General Assembly applauded the efforts of the Saudi Equestrian Federation, recognizing the Kingdom's commitment to hosting major international equestrian events. This latest achievement further solidifies Saudi Arabia's position as a prominent hub for equestrianism.

In addition to hosting the World Endurance Championship in 2026, Saudi Arabia is set to host the Horseback Archery World Cup in AlUla Governorate in December, and the World Cup for Show Jumping and Dressage in Riyadh in April 2024. These events contribute to the Kingdom's growing reputation as a destination for top-tier equestrian competitions.

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