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Saudi athletes shine with 9 medals at Hangzhou 2022 Para Games

HANGZHOU — The Saudi team concluded their exceptional performance in the 4th Asian Para Games "Hangzhou 2022" with a historic achievement of 9 medals. This participation marks a milestone in Saudi Arabia's history in the tournament, surpassing all previous performances since its inaugural edition.

During Hangzhou 2022, Saudi Arabia secured a remarkable collection of 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals. These victories were accomplished by a dedicated and talented group of athletes representing the Kingdom across various sports, including athletics, goalball, weightlifting, taekwondo, and table tennis.

Thamer Al-Zahrani, a Saudi runner, initiated the medal tally for Saudi Arabia by clinching the bronze medal in the 400-meter race (T37 classification), completing the race in 57.55 seconds.

Saudi runner Nour Al-Sanaa exhibited remarkable prowess by winning two gold medals. In the 400m race, she secured the top spot with a time of 52.81 seconds, breaking the Asian record and setting a new world record. The second gold medal was claimed by Saudi champion Abdulrahman Al-Qurashi, who emerged victorious in the 100m wheelchair race (T53 classification) with a time of 56.14 seconds. Al-Qurashi not only outperformed the world champion and reigning champion from the previous Tokyo Games, Thai Pongsakorn, but also set a new Para-Asian Games record.

Saudi jumper Hassan Doshi contributed to the silver medal tally by securing second place in the long jump competition with a distance of 6.80 meters. Saudi runner Ali Al-Nakhli also displayed his skill, earning two silver medals in the 100m race (classification T37) with a time of 11.12 seconds and in the 200m race (classification T37) with a time of 75.24 seconds. The final silver medal was awarded to Saudi putter Hani Al-Nakhli in the shot put competitions (F33 classification) after achieving second place with a distance of 10.53 meters.

Abdulrahman Al-Qurashi added another bronze medal to his collection by finishing third in the 400m wheelchair race (T53 classification) with a time of 51.00 seconds. Nour Al-Sanaa secured a bronze medal in the 100m race (classification T44), finishing in third place with a time of 12.07 seconds.

The 4th edition of the Para-Asian Games, "Hangzhou 2022," was a historic achievement for Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom ranked 19th in the tournament with a total of 9 medals. This performance stands out as the best in Saudi Arabia's history in the competition, surpassing all previous editions.

In the inaugural tournament in Guangzhou 2010, Saudi Arabia secured 6 medals, including 1 gold, 4 silver, and 1 bronze. In the 2014 edition in Incheon, South Korea, Saudi Arabia won 4 medals, including 2 gold and 2 silver. During the 2018 tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Saudi teams achieved 8 medals, comprising 2 gold, 3 silver, and 3 bronze medals.

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