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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Falcon Club hosts Falconry Conference alongside Hunting Exhibition

Riyadh, October 09, 2023, The Saudi Falcon Club is currently hosting the International Falconry Conference, a two-day event that commenced yesterday and is taking place concurrently with the fifth Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition. This conference has brought together a diverse assembly of falconry experts, specialists, and enthusiasts hailing from both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and various parts of the world.

Talal Al-Shimeisy, the CEO of the club, inaugurated this landmark conference, emphasizing its exceptional significance as the first of its kind in both the Kingdom and the broader region. He underscored the event's crucial role in preserving Saudi Arabia's heritage, identity, and culture, aligning with the directives of the country's wise leadership.

The International Falconry Conference, alongside the International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, contributes significantly to the advancement of the hunting field and the enrichment of falconry's legacy. This is achieved through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences among officials, researchers, enthusiasts, and investors representing various countries.

Saudi Arabia takes immense pride in embracing the heritage of falconry, an art and tradition that holds a coveted place on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Al-Shimeisy expressed gratitude for the unwavering support and attention from Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH the Crown Prince, who also serves as the General Supervisor of the Saudi Falcon Club. He acknowledged the instrumental guidance and constant involvement of the Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Falcon Club, which have significantly contributed to the club's resounding success.

The Saudi Falcon Club organizes five major events annually, including the International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, the International Falcon Breeders Auction, the Saudi Falcon Club Auctions, the Molwah Race, and the King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival. Notably, the King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival has twice earned a place in the Guinness World Records for the remarkable number of participating falcons.

The club is also actively engaged in various environmental and wildlife initiatives, celebrating international days related to the environment, wildlife, and migratory birds. One standout program is the "Haddad" initiative, aimed at reintroducing falcons to their native habitats within Saudi Arabia and beyond. This initiative has received international recognition, including an honorary certificate at the international conference of countries affiliated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Marseille, France. It serves as an inspiring model for other nations to emulate.

Since its establishment, the club has made significant strides in becoming a leading authority in falconry, falcon breeding, and care. It has emerged as a valuable contributor to culture and the economy, while also promoting environmental awareness and nurturing the next generation of falconers.

The International Falconry Conference addresses six core themes, including falcon health, conservation of falcons and their habitats, the sustainability of falconry as a hobby, future prospects in falcon production and breeding, legal regulations surrounding falconry and illegal trade, and investment opportunities.

Parallel activities held alongside the conference encompass workshops covering sustainable hunting practices, veterinary health for falcons, breeding techniques, investment opportunities, and innovations in the production of falconry equipment and supplies.

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