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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Fashion Commission Hosts Virtual Panel on 'The Future of Fashion: It’s All About Digital Reality'

Riyadh, May 11, 2024, The Saudi Fashion Commission is pleased to announce the success of its recent virtual panel discussion titled "The Future of Fashion: It’s All About Digital Reality." Moderated by the esteemed Shahinaz Alotaishan, this enlightening dialogue took place on Thursday, April 25th, aimed at exploring the innovative intersections between digital technology and fashion, according to a press release.

 The engaging virtual event featured prominent figures from the fashion and tech industries, including Alexander Jorias, Co-founder and CEO of Club Cooee, and Noura Alghilaisi, celebrated fashion designer and founder of her eponymous brand. The conversation unfolded across three pivotal segments: the enabler, represented by the Fashion Commission; the facilitator, embodied by Alexander Jorias; and the utilizer, exemplified by Noura Alghilaisi.

 As the enabler, the Saudi Fashion Commission set the stage by detailing its initiatives to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the kingdom’s burgeoning fashion scene, thus fostering an environment ripe for digital transformation. Shahinaz Alotaishan, panel moderator and a visionary in her own right, articulated the commission’s commitment to nurturing talent and innovation in Saudi Arabia's fashion industry.

 Alexander Jorias, stepping in as the facilitator, shared invaluable insights on the potential of digital platforms like Club Cooee in revolutionizing fashion consumption and interaction. His expertise highlighted how virtual environments can create immersive and inclusive experiences, expanding the traditional boundaries of the fashion industry.

 Finally, as the utilizer, Noura Alghilaisi discussed the real-world applications of digital advancements in fashion design and retail. She shared her experiences in leveraging technology to enhance her brand’s offerings, from virtual samples to digital 3D design technologies, illustrating the tangible benefits of embracing a digital-first approach.

 The panel discussion was not only a deep dive into the evolving dynamics of fashion in the digital age but also a spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s role as a burgeoning hub for fashion technology. It offered attendees a unique perspective on the seamless integration of technology into fashion, providing a glimpse into a future where fashion and digital reality are intricately linked.

 About the Fashion Commission: Founded in 2020, the Fashion Commission is leading the development of the Kingdom’s fashion sector. By driving investment and building robust regulatory frameworks, the commission is supporting the next generation of Saudi fashion talent as they aspire to reach their full potential. The commission is enabling the sector while preserving the Kingdom’s vast heritage in fashion and empowering Saudi fashion designers. Together with the Ministry of Culture, the commission is working to unlock a thriving cultural sector to preserve and elevate the traditions that make the Kingdom unique.

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