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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Foreign Ministry pleased with UN resolution combating Islamophobia

Riyadh, March 16, 2024, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has expressed its satisfaction with the endorsement of the "Measures to Combat Islamophobia" resolution by the United Nations General Assembly. This move highlights the Kingdom's commitment to addressing issues related to religious intolerance and discrimination.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has appointed a special envoy at the United Nations specifically tasked with addressing Islamophobia. This appointment reflects the Kingdom's proactive approach in addressing challenges related to religious discrimination and fostering mutual understanding and respect among different cultures and beliefs.

The Ministry reiterated Saudi Arabia's strong support for all international efforts aimed at combating extremist ideologies and preventing the financing of radicalism. The Kingdom emphasizes the promotion and adoption of values such as peace and dialogue among followers of various faiths and civilizations.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia advocates for the establishment of a culture of mutual respect among different religions and civilizations, as well as promoting a culture of coexistence among peoples to achieve global peace and prosperity. These principles align with Saudi Arabia's commitment to upholding human rights and promoting tolerance on a global scale.

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