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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi real estate developer ROSHN Group gains prestigious BSI Kitemark

Riyadh, Riyadh, October 03, 2023, ROSHN Group, the prominent Saudi real estate developer backed by PIF, has achieved the prestigious BSI Kitemark for Smart Cities, marking a significant milestone. This accomplishment not only positions ROSHN as the first entity in the India, Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa (IMETA) region but also among the global top 20 organizations, and one of the first in the private sector worldwide, to secure this esteemed international certification.

David Grover, CEO of ROSHN Group, expressed the company's commitment to elevating standards in the real estate sector, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030. He emphasized that ROSHN's attainment of the BSI Kitemark for Smart Cities is a remarkable achievement and reflects the company's leadership in this domain. Grover acknowledged the collective effort of the entire ROSHN team, highlighting their dedication to ensuring sustainable planning, technological advancement, and an improved quality of life for customers and communities.

Waleed Alghamdi, Director of Sustainability at ROSHN Group, underscored the company's focus on sustainability and innovation. He emphasized that smart city planning is integral to their sustainability efforts, enabling the integration of sustainable and smart community principles. Alghamdi noted ROSHN's commitment to setting new standards for sustainability in mainstream development.

The BSI Kitemark for Smart Cities is underpinned by two ISO standards: 'ISO 37101:2016 - Sustainable Development in Communities: Management System for Sustainable Development' and 'ISO 37106:2021 - Sustainable Cities and Communities: Guidance on Establishing Smart City Operating Models for Sustainable Communities.' ROSHN's achievement of the "Collaborative" mark by BSI's Smart City Maturity Model signifies its successful establishment of processes for delivering sustainable communities within a smart city framework. ROSHN's use of smart city technology encompasses various aspects, including home security, irrigation, and intelligent transport solutions, contributing to the development of integrated communities.

Samuel Thwaites, General Manager Middle East & Africa at BSI, commended ROSHN for its sustainable and smart strategy, which aims to enhance resilience, sustainability, comfort, and responsible resource usage. He highlighted ROSHN's effective deployment of collaborative methods and integrated technologies to improve citizen services and quality of life.

Andy Butterfield, BSI's Global Managing Director, Built Environment, congratulated ROSHN on becoming the first organization in the IMETA region to achieve the Kitemark™ for Smart and Sustainable Cities & Communities. He praised ROSHN's pioneering culture and positive impact on sustainability in the global built environment, setting a standard for others in the region to follow.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent organization established in 1947 to develop international standards supporting innovation and addressing global challenges. BSI (British Standards Institution) is a business improvement and standards company that helps organizations turn best practice standards into habits of excellence, promoting trust for a more resilient world. With a century of experience, BSI collaborates with clients worldwide to enhance performance, growth, risk management, and resilience through its expertise in Standards and Knowledge, Assurance Services, Regulatory Services, and Consulting Services across various sectors.

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