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  • Sheryll Mericido

SAUDIA Group completed Hajj 2023 with over 1 million seats worldwide

As a result of the excellent services provided, operational effectiveness, and adherence to flight schedules, SAUDIA Group successfully concluded its Hajj season 2023 operations by providing more than one million and two hundred thousand seats to Al Medina Al Munawwarah all over the world. The final aircraft, SV5024, carried 465 pilgrims who successfully completed the Hajj. It departed from Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Medina and traveled to Surabaya City in the Republic of Indonesia. In the presence of Mr. Mohammad Baakdah, the Vice President of Ground Operations at SAUDIA, and a number of senior airport authorities, SAUDIA (Saudi Arabian Airlines) welcomed the guests.

During the arrival and departure phases, SAUDIA Group provided more than one million and two hundred thousand seats for more than 100 planned destinations in addition to seasonal destinations. High-quality services were provided in addition to the flights to improve the pilgrims' travel experience. These services included the issuance of boarding passes for the departure phase from the airport of origin and the coordination of prompt luggage delivery for group pilgrims to simplify airport processes. Additionally, the SAUDIA organization made sure that the service members could communicate effectively in the pilgrims' native tongues, and the in-flight entertainment systems offered instructions on rites in the numerous languages that the Hajj pilgrims spoke.

Mr. Mohammed Baakdah noted that the group's staff members' unrelenting efforts in providing for and housing the Hajj pilgrims were the reason why the Hajj season 2023 operations were successful. This outstanding accomplishment is also a testimonial to our renowned leadership's unwavering dedication to providing all necessary tools to facilitate the pilgrims' ceremonies.

It comprises all ground and air services offered, as well as the appropriate planning and flawless implementation of the flights. Additionally, it is accomplished through effective collaboration and coordination with all pertinent parties involved in providing services to pilgrims.

In order to support the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, SAUDIA Group has already begun planning for the Hajj season in 2024. The airline wants to serve and carry more pilgrims by expanding its network of locations. By utilizing the fleet modernization initiative already in place and investing in digital services to streamline processes and improve seamless connection with the different institutions involved in pilgrim services, this will be accomplished. In order to improve the pilgrims' travel experience for the Hajj, SAUDIA Group will also keep working on cooperative projects with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the Pilgrims Experience Program.

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