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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudia Technic upgrading Boeing 777 First Suites for long-haul Saudia flights

Jeddah: Saudia Technic, a subsidiary of Saudia Group, has embarked on a significant project to enhance the First Suites of its Boeing 777 aircraft fleet, exclusively reserved for long-haul Saudia flights. The initiative, which has already successfully upgraded the First Suites on aircraft HZ-AK37, is set to extend to the remaining nine aircraft of the same model. This endeavor aligns with the latest advancements in aircraft maintenance, aiming to improve operational quality and elevate the passenger experience.

A team of highly skilled Saudi engineers and cabin maintenance technicians at Saudia Technic collaborated with Seat Air Systems to enhance the First Suites. Following the acquisition and approval of necessary materials, a cutting-edge workshop was established at the company's headquarters in King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah. Equipped with advanced facilities and tools, this workshop ensured the smooth execution of required modifications and assembly processes, overseen by regulatory authorities.

The enhancements involved altering the mechanism for securing and operating the First Suite cabin doors, including adding an additional latch and increasing movable paths for smoother door movement. Additionally, an advanced metal gear system was horizontally installed to reduce the door's weight's potential impact, leading to decreased operational costs.

Engr. Ibrahim Al-Omar, Director General of the Saudia Group, emphasized the importance of the localization of the aviation industry as part of the Group's new era. The successful First Suite upgrade adhered to international standards, enabling Saudia to obtain the necessary accreditations and licenses for further fleet upgrades.

Saudia Group's commitment to increasing and developing local content, particularly in the aviation industry, underscores its dedication to utilizing qualified Saudi talent. Saudia Technic's track record in various aircraft maintenance forms, both civilian and military, has earned it a high level of trust from global manufacturers.

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