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SDB allocates SAR2.3 billion to aid entrepreneurs and social services

Riyadh, October 4, 2023, The Social Development Bank (SDB) has unveiled its commitment to providing SAR2.3 billion in development funds, benefiting more than 39,000 recipients, including entrepreneurs and citizens availing social services. This significant announcement emerged during the third-quarter board of directors meeting for 2023, presided over by Minister of Human Resources and Social Development and Board Chairman, Eng. Ahmad bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, with the board members in attendance.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Al-Rajhi emphasized the leadership's strong dedication to supporting entrepreneurs, small business owners, and citizens receiving social services. He underscored the collaborative efforts across sectors aimed at achieving sustainable development goals and enhancing the Kingdom's quality of life.

Al-Rajhi highlighted the pivotal role of the bank as an active platform supporting entrepreneurship and small and emerging enterprises, enabling them to realize their ambitions and contribute to the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 programs.

Additionally, the SDB is set to host the annual meeting of EMPRETEC center directors, themed "From Geneva to Riyadh," in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) from October 21 to 22. This event stands as a crucial international forum for entrepreneurs, focusing on private sector support, emerging technology sectors, logistics, and global best practices.

These initiatives exemplify the SDB's vital role in enhancing community well-being and fostering an attractive job market for local and global talent.

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