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SDRPY and SFD launch four educational projects across Yemen governorates

Aden, October 09, 2023, Under the auspices of the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) and executed by the Yemeni Social Fund for Development (SFD), four educational endeavors are presently in progress across the governorates of Shabwa, Abyan, Lahj, and Al-Dhalee in Yemen.

These educational initiatives encompass the establishment of four schools situated in different districts. First, the Nissab School located in Shabwa Governorate's Nissab District. Second, the late Dr. Alawi Najeeb School for Basic and Secondary Education in Abyan Governorate's Khanfar District. Third, the late Mohamed Ahmed Najib School for Basic and Secondary Education in Lahj Governorate's Al-Musaimeer District. Lastly, the Al-Hamzah Secondary School in Al-Dhalee Governorate.

SDRPY has significantly contributed to Yemen's education sector, undertaking 52 developmental projects and initiatives. Among them are the creation of 31 model schools and centers for gifted students. These educational institutions are well-equipped with science laboratories, computer facilities, and sports fields catering to various sports. They also provide essential furniture such as tables, desks, and educational materials.

Moreover, SDRPY has demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for both male and female students. Their endeavors encompass the establishment of a comprehensive and stimulating learning environment, ensuring equitable and secure access to education, promoting extracurricular activities, and nurturing a culture of innovation and creativity.

In total, SDRPY has executed 229 development projects and initiatives across various Yemeni governorates, benefiting the Yemeni populace in seven pivotal sectors, including education, healthcare, water resources, energy, transportation, agriculture, and fisheries. These efforts have also encompassed capacity-building initiatives for government institutions and the implementation of diverse development programs.

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