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SDRPY launches projects in Marib to improve healthcare and education in Yemen

Marib, March 20, 2024, The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has initiated a series of projects in the Marib Governorate aimed at enhancing healthcare and education in Yemen. Major General Sultan bin Ali Al-Arada, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council and the governor of Marib, presided over the launch of these projects.

The newly launched initiatives include the refurbishment and enhancement of the radiology and MRI department at the Marib General Authority Hospital, the continuation of the development and expansion of the University of Saba Region as part of its second phase, and the reinforcement of emergency and critical medical services in Marib.

Of particular significance is the improvement of the hospital's radiology department and the provision of an MRI machine, which will mark a significant milestone as Marib's first MRI scanner and only the third in all of Yemen.

In the case of the University of Saba Region, the first phase involved constructing a building with 16 classrooms capable of accommodating 1,280 students, along with an administrative office building. The second phase will focus on furnishing a building dedicated to students and faculty members.

Additionally, SDRPY, in collaboration with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA), will enhance emergency medical services in Marib by providing six fully equipped ambulances. These ambulances will significantly enhance the capacity of hospitals and medical centers in the region.

SDRPY has a track record of supporting Marib's health sector through various medical projects, including the provision of 24 medical devices to Kara General Hospital, 27 medical devices to the September 26th Hospital, and 13 medical devices to Marib General Authority Hospital. Furthermore, these hospitals have received three fully equipped ambulances each, contributing to improved medical services, rapid response to emergencies, and increased access to healthcare.

These initiatives are part of a larger effort by SDRPY, comprising 34 development projects and initiatives spread across different governorates in Yemen.

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