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  • Ahmad Bashari

Since the Hajj began, the Ministry of Health has received almost 47,000 calls via 937.

The Ministry of Health’s 937 contact center in Makkah assists pilgrims during the Hajj season.

"The center provides a range of services including health consultations, urgent notifications, and answering of questions in seven major languages."

- Pilgrims can contact the center through various channels, including phone, email, and WhatsApp. The center operates 24/7 with a team of administrative staff, specialists, and consultants.

"Makkah, June 18, 2024." During the 1445 AH Hajj season, the Ministry of Health's 937 contact center will continue to provide assistance to pilgrims around the clock. In addition to providing health consultations and responding to urgent notifications in seven different languages, the center also receives questions. Furthermore, it aids in the search for pilgrims who have vanished or are receiving medical care at revered locations. Since the start of the Hajj season, the center has received over 47,000 calls. The center offers a number of services to pilgrims, including providing answers to queries, providing health consultations, and responding to urgent complaints. The center also provides instant translation services, real-time monitoring and follow-up on requests and reports, as well as quarterly analytical reports to assist with decision-making.

Pilgrims can access the center through various means like calling 937X platform usage, sending an email or using WhatsApp. There is a team of administrative personnel, experts and advisers who are on duty for 24 hours just to offer excellent services to pilgrims.

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