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  • Ahmed Saleh

Survey and Geospatial Authority Represents Kingdom at Geospatial World Forum

Riyadh, May 14, 2024,The Kingdom, represented by the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information, is participating as a strategic partner in the Geospatial World Forum from May 13 to 16, in Rotterdam, the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

 The forum, this year under the slogan "Geospatial Transition: Powering the World Economy," serves as a global gathering point for experts and stakeholders in the geospatial sector from various governmental, private, academic, and individual sectors worldwide.

 It facilitates knowledge exchange, transfer of experiences, and showcasing smart solutions provided by geospatial information, with over 300 specialized speakers in the geospatial information field and more than 55 pavilions showcasing the latest technology in the sector.

 During the opening session, the President of the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Al Sayel, delivered a speech reaffirming that the Saudi economy has achieved continuous growth in recent years. He highlighted the vital role of geospatial information in enabling decision-making and emphasized the necessity for geospatial infrastructure to support this economic growth.

 In this context, Al Sayel pointed out the collaboration between the authority and the World Bank to conduct studies on the economic impact of geospatial information in the Kingdom. He highlighted cooperation with international organizations concerned with geospatial information standards, governance, and management.

 Al Sayel emphasized the importance of Saudi Arabia's efforts in building and developing the national geospatial infrastructure according to the best global practices. He also highlighted work to enhance national capacities in the geospatial sector.

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