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  • Ahmed Saleh

Technical advancements enhance services at Prophet's Mosque during Ramadan

Madinah, March 14, 2024, Technical advancements have become integral in enhancing services for worshippers and visitors to the Prophet's Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan. Among these innovations is the "occupancy status of prayer halls" service, which offers real-time capacity information to facilitate a smoother experience for visitors.

This user-friendly service, available in Arabic, English, and Urdu, empowers visitors to access live occupancy updates for all prayer areas within the mosque even before their arrival. By providing real-time data on the occupancy levels of 12 designated locations, including the eastern, western, and northern expansions, as well as various courtyards and the rooftop prayer area, worshippers can efficiently plan their visit.

Accessible through the provided link, the service presents occupancy status through easily understandable color codes: green for "available", yellow for "almost busy", red for "busy", and gray for "unavailable". This clear visual representation enables worshippers to make informed decisions about their visit based on the current capacity of each prayer area.

By utilizing this real-time information, worshippers can effectively manage their time and movement within the mosque and its courtyards, ensuring a seamless experience during peak prayer times. Additionally, authorities can leverage this data to activate crowd-management plans as needed, further enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the mosque during Ramadan.

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