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  • Ahmed Saleh

The National Cybersecurity Authority launches awareness campaign for Cyber Security Month

Riyadh, October 01, 2023, The National Cybersecurity Authority has launched the National Campaign for Cybersecurity Awareness to coincide with Cyber Security Awareness Month, celebrated annually in October. This campaign has the overarching goal of instilling the values of safeguarding national security, enhancing cybersecurity awareness across all sections of Saudi society, advocating best practices for shielding against emerging cyber threats, fostering collaboration among national entities in the cybersecurity sector, and consolidating their collective efforts in this domain.

The national campaign comprises a series of initiatives, on-site events, and high-quality programs. It prominently involves hosting a mobile cybersecurity awareness exhibition at the premises of national organizations. Additionally, it encompasses awareness sessions tailored for key stakeholders in the country and the distribution of awareness materials to over 850 national institutions, with the aim of enhancing the cybersecurity knowledge of their employees.

The campaign is designed to reach all strata of society, emphasizing the significance of cybersecurity and its pivotal role in mitigating emerging cyber threats, countering social engineering tactics, electronic phishing methods, and various other aspects of the cybersecurity domain. Ultimately, the campaign's objective is to cultivate a culture of cybersecurity spanning all age groups within society.

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