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The SAI20 Engagement Group Involves the GCA President

The delegation of Saudi Arabia was presided over by the President of the General Court of Audit (GCA) at the SAI20 meeting in Belém, Brazil, G20 member states. While the summit was aimed at coordinating efforts made to monitor sustainable development, social welfare rates and economic growth levels, as well as progress worldwide and fostering cooperation. - The GCA stressed on new methods and best practices, and they discussed whether SAI20 members might cooperate with INTOSAI.

"The aim of the summit was to combine the SAI20 with the G20 governmental agencies for harmonizing their endeavours and enhancing mutual support on shared objectives, such as overseeing sustainable development, social and economic progress, and global advancement, among others For example, analyzing the possibility of cooperation among the SAI20 participants and the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) was also discussed by GCA, which also" In addition to this, he highlighted the regional and international activities that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undertaking in these areas. Dr. Al-Angari stressed the crucial and complementary roles that SAIs may play in ensuring the efficiency and efficacy of government initiatives and projects related to sustainable development, as well as social and economic development. He said that SAIs may play a role in ensuring that these initiatives and projects are effective.

During the SAI20 meeting's conclusion statement, the heads of missions, who spoke again, emphasized the efforts that SAIs in G20 member countries have been making. This initiative focuses on activating SAIs, promoting accountability and ethical governance principles, and generating visions and strategic orientations for the implementation of best professional practices. In dealing with relevant global trends, they are copartners with the member states of the G20. At the periphery of the meeting, Dr. Al-Angari held a similar meeting with SAI heads as himself." The primary focus of the sessions was on topics that were of mutual interest.Meeting took place between Iraq’s Interior Minister, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Kamel Al-Shammari, and the current Saudi Minister of Interior also head of the Supreme Hajj Committee, Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz.

- The Minister of Interior from Iraq gave congratulations to Saudi Arabia for taking care of the pilgrims by providing help, as well as ensuring that they have everything required in the course of Hajj which guarantees their safety and comfort.

The meeting revolved around strengthening security cooperation among Saudi Arabian and Iraqi interior ministries with discussion of common interests.

June 18, 2024 in Makkah.” Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry is headed by Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Saud bin Naif. It was here that Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Naif met with Lt. Gen Abd Al Amir Kamel, who serves as Iraq’s Minister of the Interior.

The Iraqi interior minister extended his congratulations to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the conference for its efforts to help pilgrims and provide facilities that enable Allah's guests to conduct the Hajj pilgrimage in comfort, security, and peace of mind.

During the meeting, they discussed methods to strengthen the existing security cooperation between the two nations' interior ministries, as well as topics of mutual interest.

There were a number of officials present at the conference.

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