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To enhance strategic collaboration, Saudia Academy and Riyadh Air sign an agreement.

- The collaboration aims to provide comprehensive training programs covering various topics relevant to the aviation industry, including technical training, aircraft fundamentals, ground operations, management principles, language proficiency, and regulatory compliance.
- Riyadh Air and Saudia Academy signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance aviation training in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Air and Saudia Academy signed a memorandum of understanding with the purpose of improving aviation education in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership will work toward enhancing training standards for pilots, cabin staff, and flight dispatchers.

The two entities will deliver a whole program that involves training on various aviation subjects, including aircraft foundations, technical training, concepts of ground operations, management concepts, language proficiency, and regulatory compliance.

May 21, 2024, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia—Riyadh Air and Saudia Academy, both companies under the banner of Saudia Group signed a memorandum with an aim of improving aviation education in the country. This activity took place at Future Aviation Forum. As stated in Riyadh Air’s press release, there are aspirations of enhanced training standards for flight attendants as well as its cabin crew and pilots.

Saudia Academy and Riyadh Air shall pool their resources and expertise in compliance with the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding to offer extensive training programs that address a wide range of subjects important to the aviation industry. These programs will cover a wide range of topics that include; but are not limited to; technical training, ground operations, management ideologies, aircraft basics, language proficiency and legal standards compliance. In order to meet the needs of today’s aviation leaders and policy-makers executive education programs with coaching are also part of the relationship."

Riyadh Air Chief Operating Officer Peter Bellew expressed, "This strategic partnership with Saudia Academy embodies our commitment toward nurturing talent and fostering excellence within the aviation sector." We pool our resources and utilize our collective expertise to create a world-class training environment that equips aviation professionals with the information and abilities required to succeed in their positions.

Captain Ismail Al Koshy, Saudia Academy CEO pointed out that the course is very important. He explained that training is key as well as investing in it because it has everything to do with safety and service exellence at SAAS. For this reason collaboration between Riyadh Air has enabled us achieve much in this sector leading to greater achievements for future generations. We remain committed on this partnership with the goal of improving air transport system not only within our organization but also globally. HTML elements have been employed throughout the text.

The partnership between Saudia Academy and Riyadh Air affirms, the announcement reads, the unyielding commitment of the Kingdom towards the advancement of its aviation capabilities and the nurturing of its talent pool.

This is the common aim: "to build a strong talent pipeline and further cement Saudi Arabia's status as a leading player in the global aviation industry.

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