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  • Sheryll Mericido

Umm al-Oud Island in Ras Mohaisen offers stunning beaches, plants, coral reefs

Jeddah, September 03, 2023, One of the most magnificent islands, Umm al-Oud Island, is located in Ras Mohaisen, in the Makkah Region, in the Red Sea. Visitors can take advantage of the area's white sand beach, assortment of plants, and vibrant coral reefs. The Saudi Press Agency visited the island and captured images of its natural beauty, including its peaceful atmosphere, enticing beaches, and exceptional weather. The exotic island has gained popularity as a tourist destination, but it still requires more work and funding to rank among the top travel attractions in the Makkah region. The island, known as "The Northern Umm Al-Gharaniq," is 1.2 square kilometers northwest of Ras Mohaisen and is classified as a coral island, according to Tariq Abalkhail, spokeswoman for the Saudi Geological Survey.

The island, according to Abalkhail, is two meters above sea level, covered with sand, and has a few bushes strewn about. On its coastlines, at the furthest northern tip of the coral wall enclosing the neighboring islands, are mangrove trees.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks first among the nations surrounding the Red Sea in terms of shoreline length thanks to the numerous strewn islands that dot its three waterfronts.

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