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  • Ahmed Saleh

UPU's Riyadh conference achieved a milestone with the "Riyadh Solution" adoption

Riyadh, October 3, 2023, The Fourth Extraordinary Conference of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) held in Riyadh marked a significant milestone with the adoption of the "Riyadh Solution." This innovative approach is set to revolutionize the global postal sector by fostering greater interconnection and integration.

The decision stems from extensive discussions and deliberations over the years, resulting in substantial proposals and recommendations aimed at advancing the logistics industry, strengthening collaboration among UPU members and other postal entities, and elevating the overall quality of worldwide postal services. Notably, the "Riyadh Solution" includes the introduction of tailored business models, designed to broaden access to UPU services beyond designated operators and official postal institutions.

The primary objective of this decision is to promote enhanced cooperation and partnerships among UPU member states while elevating the global postal network's efficiency and interconnectedness. The UPU conference, running until October 5 in Riyadh, convenes influential decision-makers, experts, and stakeholders worldwide to explore opportunities for improvement and innovative solutions within the global postal sector. The "Riyadh Solution" represents a significant stride toward establishing a more cohesive and efficient global postal system that effectively caters to the evolving needs of individuals and businesses across the globe.

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