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  • Ahmed Saleh

World Bank Advisor Commends Saudi Arabia's Global Leadership and Initiatives

Boston, November 21, 2023, Yaarub Al-Yaarubi, the Advisor to the Executive Director of the World Bank, expressed praise for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recognizing its pivotal role in driving the growth of the Middle East region and shaping global policies. Speaking at the "Arab World, Opportunities and Challenges" Forum at Harvard University, Al-Yaarubi highlighted Saudi Arabia's global significance, citing its support for the World Bank International Development Association as evidence of its influential role on the world stage.

Al-Yaarubi emphasized that Saudi Arabia serves as a vital regional safety valve and commended the country's proactive measures in addressing climate change, acknowledging its global initiatives. He stressed that these efforts deserve international recognition and appreciation for contributing to global sustainability.

The forum, attended by Saudi Club students, Arab ambassadors, and individuals interested in various fields, provided a platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Arab world. Al-Yaarubi's remarks underscore the Kingdom's growing influence and commitment to addressing both regional and global issues.

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