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  • Ahmed Saleh

Xinhua delegation explores Saudi history at SPA's captivating exhibition event

Riyadh, October 23, 2023, An enthralling evening at the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) headquarters, where a distinguished delegation from China's Xinhua News Agency, led by its deputy editor-in-chief, Ren Weidong, embarked on a captivating journey through Saudi Arabia's History Exhibition.

During their visit, the Xinhua delegation had the privilege of receiving a comprehensive overview of the exhibition's objectives from none other than SPA President Dr. Fahd bin Hassan Al Aqran. This exhibition stands as a testament to SPA's pivotal role in shaping national media and its commitment to disseminating historical knowledge through innovative and engaging means.

The exhibition is a remarkable fusion of visual techniques and multimedia elements, serving as a vivid window into the various phases of Saudi Arabia's historical evolution, its flourishing present, and the promising prospects for its future.

With keen interest, the delegation was treated to informative presentations on SPA's mission in delivering historical insights and the enduring Saudi-Chinese relations. The visit culminated in the exchange of souvenirs, marking a harmonious exchange between two prominent news agencies.

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