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  • Ahmed Saleh

43rd Session of the Council of Arab Ministers for Social Affairs Convenes in Cairo

Cairo, December 20, 2023, Today marked the commencement of the 43rd session of the Council of Arab Ministers for Social Affairs in Cairo. Chaired by Dr. Nivine El-Kabbag, the Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity, the session brought together Ministers of Social Affairs and their representatives from Arab nations.

Representing the Kingdom at this significant gathering was Eng. Sultan bin Jorais Al-Jorais, the Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development for Social Security and Empowerment. The delegation from Saudi Arabia played a pivotal role in contributing to the discussions and deliberations that unfolded during the session.

The Council of Arab Ministers for Social Affairs serves as a crucial platform for addressing regional social challenges, fostering collaboration, and exchanging insights on policies and initiatives that impact the well-being of citizens across Arab nations. The participation of high-level representatives from member countries emphasizes the shared commitment to advancing social development and addressing the evolving needs of communities.

The session in Cairo provided an opportunity for engaging dialogues, where ministers and representatives discussed a range of social issues, policy frameworks, and collaborative strategies. As social dynamics continue to evolve, these sessions play a vital role in shaping regional approaches to challenges such as social security, empowerment, and overall societal well-being.

The leadership of Dr. Nivine El-Kabbag in chairing the session reflects Egypt's commitment to fostering cooperation and addressing shared concerns in the realm of social affairs. The active involvement of Eng. Sultan bin Jorais Al-Jorais from Saudi Arabia underscores the Kingdom's dedication to regional collaboration and its proactive role in contributing to the social development agenda in the Arab world.

As the 43rd session unfolds, the Council of Arab Ministers for Social Affairs stands as a testament to the collective efforts of Arab nations to enhance social welfare, strengthen social bonds, and address the multifaceted challenges faced by communities in the region.

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