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Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and SAMF launch Gazoo Racing Saudi Driving School

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - In a momentous collaboration, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, a trusted and long-standing distributor of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia, has joined forces with the esteemed Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF) to unveil an exciting new venture: the Gazoo Racing (GR) Saudi Driving School. With a remarkable history spanning nearly seven decades as an authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing exceptional automotive experiences to the Saudi Arabian market. Now, in partnership with SAMF, they are set to revolutionize the driving education landscape in the kingdom with the introduction of the GR Saudi Driving School. In a bid to unearth extraordinary talent from Saudi Arabia, an exciting initiative has been launched. The aim is to identify exceptional individuals who possess a remarkable skill set and an unwavering passion for motorsports. The initiative, known as the GR Saudi Team, focuses on four thrilling disciplines: time attack, hill climb, drift, and autocross. Through this endeavor, the goal is to nurture and develop the talents of these Saudi individuals, propelling them to new heights in the world of motorsports. The GR Saudi Driving School is not just a means of acquiring driving skills; it is a transformative platform that empowers young individuals and enables them to unleash their untapped potential in the thrilling realm of motorsports.

The highly anticipated registration for the driving school has officially commenced, signaling an exciting opportunity for young Saudi men and women between the ages of 18 and 26 who possess an unwavering passion for the exhilarating world of motorsports. With the facility set to open its doors in the month of August, aspiring drivers can now embark on their journey towards honing their skills behind the wheel. In a move aimed at showcasing participants' talents, a temporary facility is set to open its doors for a five-day period. This unique opportunity will allow individuals to exhibit their abilities and skills in a variety of areas. The primary goal of the school is to identify promising drivers, provide them with support in refining their skills, and foster their development into accomplished racers.

In order to be considered for this opportunity, prospective applicants are required to showcase their extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for motorsport. This can be accomplished by submitting a meticulously crafted application that highlights their expertise and enthusiasm in the field. In a rigorous selection process, a total of 60 individuals will be handpicked from a pool of applicants to undergo a series of evaluations. These evaluations will include a personal interview, a demanding fitness test, and a thorough examination of driving skills and safety protocols.

In a statement, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, Chairman of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, expressed his enthusiasm for a new initiative aimed at discovering and nurturing talented racers who epitomize the values of excellence and a deep love for motorsports. The initiative stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to offering aspiring drivers the chance to demonstrate their skills on both national and international stages. In our relentless pursuit to nurture a fresh cohort of drivers who will honor the illustrious heritage of motorsports in Saudi Arabia, we hold firm in our belief that this collaboration will unveil extraordinary potential, showcasing the finest representatives of our nation."

In an exciting development, a select group of 60 individuals has been chosen to partake in a prestigious five-day driving school in the vibrant city of Jeddah. This exclusive opportunity will provide the participants with invaluable training from esteemed driving instructors, ensuring they receive top-notch instruction and guidance. Aspiring racers will undergo a rigorous training program consisting of intensive courses and practical sessions, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in high-level competition.

In a thrilling culmination of the driving school program, the stage is set for the selection of the final four exceptional drivers who will proudly carry the mantle of the GR Saudi Team. These skilled individuals are poised to showcase their talent and compete in the highly anticipated upcoming season of the prestigious Saudi Toyota Championship. A group of exceptionally skilled individuals will soon have the privilege of utilizing state-of-the-art GR vehicles, such as the Yaris GR, GR 86, and Supra, in order to maximize their performance in their respective fields.

In a recent statement, Hassan Jameel, the esteemed Chairman of the Board of Managers at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration between his organization and the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation. Jameel emphasized the significance of this partnership, highlighting its potential to unearth untapped talent within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In a groundbreaking move, an initiative has emerged that promises to unlock a remarkable platform for the talented young men and women of Saudi Arabia. This endeavor not only serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the advancement of motorsports within the Kingdom but also presents an extraordinary chance for these individuals to exhibit their exceptional skills. The GR Saudi Team eagerly anticipates the discovery of outstanding drivers who will wholeheartedly embody the team's values and leave a lasting impact on the prestigious Saudi Toyota Championship.

In the highly anticipated Saudi Toyota Championship, each of the four skilled drivers will be assigned a distinct discipline to showcase their exceptional talents. These disciplines include autocross, drift, time attack, and hill climbing. In the thrilling world of autocross, drivers engage in a high-stakes battle against the clock within the confines of a designated circuit adorned with strategically placed cones. The objective? To navigate the track with precision and finesse, all while adhering to stringent safety regulations, in order to cross the finish line in the quickest possible time. In the thrilling world of motor racing, there exists a captivating discipline known as drift. This exhilarating sport pits two vehicles against each other in a fierce battle to be the first to conquer the finish line. In the realm of motorsports, time attack emerges as a thrilling discipline that bears striking resemblances to its counterpart, autocross. However, what sets Time Attack apart is its distinctive feature of unfolding on a more expansive and elongated circuit. In the thrilling world of hill climbing, skilled drivers embark on a challenging journey, racing along a grueling 3-kilometer stretch predominantly characterized by its uphill terrain on a smooth asphalt road. Their ultimate objective was to conquer this formidable course with unparalleled speed, striving to achieve the coveted title of the fastest racer to cross the finish line.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation (SAMF) are joining forces to make a significant impact on Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030 initiative. With a specific focus on the 'Quality of Life' program, this collaboration aims to empower the nation's youth and pave the way for a promising future in the realm of motorsports. In an exciting development for aspiring racers, the opportunity to showcase their full potential and compete at a professional level has arrived. The prestigious GR Saudi Team has opened its doors, offering a platform for talented individuals to make their mark in the racing world.

In a recent survey conducted by YouGov, fascinating insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors in Saudi Arabia have come to light. The findings indicate that motorsports have garnered significant popularity, securing an impressive second place among various sports in the country. Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and SAMF are spearheading the advancement of motorsports, propelling its growth by fostering extraordinary talent and trailblazing novel prospects.

In Saudi Arabia, a group of individuals is making significant strides in propelling the sport of motorsport to new heights. With an unyielding commitment, they are not only driving the sport forward but also empowering both men and women to chase their aspirations of becoming motorsport champions on a global scale.

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