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  • Ahmed Saleh

Al-Khuraiji, Saudi Vice Minister, discusses diplomacy with Uzbekistan at NAM summit

Kampala, January 19, 2024, In a significant diplomatic encounter at the 19th session of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Kampala, Uganda, Eng. Waleed bin Abdulkarim Al-Khuraiji, the Saudi Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, engaged in discussions with Bahram Aliyev, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Uzbekistan.

The meeting served as a platform for both dignitaries to explore and deliberate on a multitude of avenues aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and fostering collaboration in various international spheres. The talks emphasized the shared commitment of Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan to enhancing their diplomatic ties and working together on matters of global significance.

Among the participants was Mutashar Al-Enezi, the Director General of the Office of the Vice Foreign Minister, underscoring the importance and gravity of the discussions held during the encounter. The presence of such high-ranking officials from both sides highlights the mutual dedication to fostering constructive dialogue and cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan.

As the diplomatic discourse unfolded against the backdrop of the NAM summit, it provided a unique opportunity for the leaders to align their perspectives on key global issues. The outcome of this meeting is expected to further solidify the diplomatic relations between the two nations, contributing to the broader objectives of the Non-Aligned Movement and promoting stability and collaboration on the international stage.

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