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Alrajhi Bank and Zain KSA sign strategic partnership to enhance cooperation

In a significant development, Alrajhi Bank and Zain KSA have officially entered into a memorandum of understanding, solidifying their commitment to a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to foster greater cooperation between the esteemed financial institution and Zain KSA, a prominent ICT company in the Kingdom.

The highly anticipated signing ceremony took place at the prestigious Al Rajhi Bank Headquarters in Riyadh, with esteemed individuals gracing the event. Among the notable attendees were Waleed Bin Abdullah Al Moqbel, the esteemed CEO and managing director at Al Rajhi Bank, and Eng. Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Deghaither, the esteemed CEO of Zain KSA. The gathering also included the distinguished presence of high-ranking officials from both entities, further emphasizing the significance of this momentous occasion.

In a statement regarding the newly formed partnership, Al-Moqbel, the representative of Alrajhi Bank, expressed great enthusiasm. He emphasized the bank's eagerness to expand their collaboration with Zain KSA, a telecommunications company. Al-Moqbel highlighted the significance of this alliance, as it will provide their esteemed customers with a wider range of choices, ultimately enhancing their overall experience and elevating their quality of life. Alrajhi Bank is dedicated to the ongoing expansion of its Mokafaa program through strategic partnerships with esteemed stores and exceptional brands. Mokafaa has emerged as a prominent loyalty program, offering customers an exceptional customer experience and a wide array of rewards through various partners such as airlines, stores, and restaurants. This program has established itself as a leader in the industry, allowing customers to earn points and enjoy numerous benefits.

In a statement, Eng. Al-Deghaither emphasized the significance of customer care as a key aspect of their strategic objectives. He highlighted their steadfast dedication to providing customers with an exceptional experience by leveraging a wide array of technologies and digital services. In an exciting development, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the esteemed Alrajhi Bank. This collaboration aims to elevate our customers' experience by introducing a cutting-edge loyalty program. Packed with a plethora of enticing benefits and rewards, this program is set to surpass all expectations.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Zain KSA has been announced as the exclusive telecommunications partner for Alrajhi Bank's highly esteemed loyalty program, Mokafaa. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the telecommunications and banking sectors, bringing unparalleled benefits to customers of both entities. In a groundbreaking move, Mokafaa, a prominent loyalty program in the Kingdom, has taken a significant step towards enhancing customer satisfaction. By broadening its network, Mokafaa now offers customers the opportunity to earn and redeem reward points through various rewarding activities within the telecommunications sector. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Mokafaa as it continues to empower its customers and provide them with unparalleled benefits.

Alrajhi Bank has recently launched the Mokafaa loyalty program, aiming to offer customers a highly rewarding and enriching banking experience. In a bid to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, a prominent financial institution has unveiled an enticing rewards program. Customers now have the opportunity to accumulate valuable points through a diverse array of services offered by the institution. These services include credit card usage, bill payments facilitated by the Alrajhi mobile app, international transfers, and even online marketplace purchases. With this innovative initiative, customers can now reap the benefits of their regular financial activities, transforming them into valuable rewards. Customers have the opportunity to redeem these points at various Mokafaa Partners throughout the Kingdom, providing them with a diverse array of options to fully indulge in their well-deserved rewards.

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